NAEF manual punch press and pneumatic punch press are designed and manufactured to offer maximum punching energy whether you are cutting samples or product.

  These uniquely designed machines come in manual and pneumatic versions offering from 5,000lbs to 13,000+lbs of cutting force. With a maximum footprint of 20"wide, 32"deep, and 24"high these rugged low maintenance machines offer the user from 30 to 70 linear inches of cutting.

  Our pneumatic version Model P-44 requires only shop air for operation and is designed using two air interlocks, which must be operated simultaneously affording a unique safety.

  All NAEF Punch Presses are equipped with a depth stop, which can be precisely set to insure your product or sample is completely cut, without damaging the cutting edge on your die. Properly setting these limits can increase the cutting life and reduce wear on your dies.
 When combined with our NAEF high cutting dies these quality machines offer the ideal solution for cutting all soft materials such as rubber, synthetics, leather, paper, plastic and textiles of all kinds.


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